From your voice and accent to how you choose your words –

all is part of communication. And all can be trained.


We hear the voice of a person and automatically form an image in our minds. Words transport the message. Whether we believe it is decided by the voice. Voice can lend credibility to a speaker and weight to a statement. We do not have only one voice, but we can learn to use different vocal qualities to our advantage.


Does your accent or the way you speak sometimes seem to get in the way? A clear message needs clear pronunciation. Dialects are part of who we are. But speakers with a strong accent are often rated less competent than speakers of standard English. The good news is: Like any other language, you can also learn standard pronunciation.


Fluency in English is a must for international business. However, speaking English is one thing. Delivering speeches with the same degree of professionalism as in your first language is quite another. Therefore, a good preparation for any public event is crucial. It must cater for both linguistic and rhetorical needs.


France is Germany’s most important trade partner. If you plan to give a speech in French and it is not your native language, nobody will expect perfection. But it is good to prepare a speech and respect the differences between the two cultures. Business may be global, but how people perceive you and react is most certainly not.


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