Improving your communication is about learning something new and shedding old

habits. We can decide together which format is right for you.

In-House Training

No matter whether you are a listed company or an NGO, a training of one to three days is still the optimal format to boost the communication skills of your employees. Learning new communication skills requires practical work. Therefore, it is vital to keep the number of participants in a training low. A communication skills training should not have more than 10-12 participants at the most.

Personal Coaching

You have an important speech to prepare? Or you have a long-term goal to change the way you speak or how you are perceived by others? Then we can work together, either in a conference room or in my office. How long these sessions should be, varies greatly, depending on what we want to work on. We can talk and I will assess your coaching needs.


Online conferencing is great, because it saves travel time and allows us to meet more flexibly. Not all topics are ideal for work over the web, but for others it is a great alternative to meeting in person.


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