For any executive or manager, day-to-day business holds numerous situations

where convincing oral communication is needed.


You are an expert in your field. But are you also an expert speaker? Oral communication formats are great tools, because they have the power to take others on a journey and convince them of your goals. Regardless whether it is a general meeting or a press conference, a solid preparation ensures that your get your message across.


Meetings are indispensable and needed to solve many issues. Yet, often they seem lengthy and a perfect waste of time. Maybe you even felt that your point was not heard. Learn to make statements that have an impact. Improve your skills at chairing meetings to make sure they run efficiently and value everybody’s time.


Whether you talk to an employee, your supervisor or an important client, you need clarity of language and persuasiveness through professional appearance. That means you need a clear plan and body language to match. Everybody can hold a conversation. Leading a conversation is a skill.


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